Support - Emergency


Only system issues which severely impair the core functionality of the system, preventing it from selling/recharging and/or playing cards are considered emergencies.


1) Complete the Emergency Form below
This is the primary mechanism for getting emergency help 24/7, the form immediately sends automated e-mail to ALL our technicians, to Sacoa management and to the duty technician's mobile. You should expect a contact from the duty technician minutes after submitting the form.

2) If you desire to have a LIVE CONVERSATION with the duty technician, please call our Sacoa WA Help. Line via Whatsapp.
NOTE: If you have not yet done so, please enter the following in your contacts:

Sacoa WA Help
+54 911 5157 8165

You may of course use all Whatsapp's features such as text chat, audio message, image, video, etc.

If our tech is unable to reply to you immediately you will receive his call within the next few minutes.

3) If you do not have or wish to use whatsapp you can call our number through regular phone service.
Just dial your international access prefix and then 54 (911) 5157-8165


Complete all fields to get a fast response, specially Store ID
Please make sure to send the description of the problem with as much detail as possible.

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