• New full standing cabinet design

• Allows auditing card balance and history, showing date & time info for games played, credits purchased, tickets won, etc.

• Enhances transaction speed while reducing personnel requirements.

• Cash and credit card acceptance.

• 19" touch screen

• Capable of running a Powerpoint slideshow when inactive.

• High-speed thermal receipt printer.

• ADA Compliance.

• Double safety lock.

• Multi-language capability.


Sell any product, (cards, F&B, admissions and retail merchandise etc) at the same station.

• Analyze, sell and recharge cards individually and in batch.

• Accepts cash, credit card or tender as payment.Cards can also be recharged through the use of RFID or by posting the transaction to a guest's account in facilities using property management applications.

• Multiple payment types, currencies and taxes are supported.

• Transaction voiding and refunds allowed.

• Modifiers and Ingredients.

• Remote kitchen printers interface.

• Touch screen interface, optional receipt printer and cash drawer.

• POS stations may be tailored according to the different products to be sold at each location.

• Easy plug-in integration with most bowling operating systems, such as AMF Qubica, Brunswick's Vector Plus, Switch and more.

• It can be mounted on Posiflex type units or on regular desktop computers, with a touchscreen monitor or with a mouse aid.


• Full android user friendly mobile version of the Sacoa POS.

• Sell PlayCards, F&B and retail merchandise.

• Accepts both cash and credit cards or PlayCard credit as payment.

• Multi-language support.

• Multiple printers are supported (bar, kitchen, etc).

• Integration to CRM module cabinet.


This simple and inexpensive option consists of a small wall mountable cabinet with a 3.5in color HD display, a bill acceptor and a reader.
It allows customers to check and/or recharge their card balance with cash.

• Allows customers to see total balance.

• Enhances transaction speed while reducing personnel requirements.

• Bills acceptance.

• Optional receipt printer.

• Excellent low-cost solution for reduced spaces.

• Free-standing & wall-fixable steel cabinet.

• User friendly interface.


Through the use of a fully PA-DSS validated application, Sacoa´s POS stations and kiosks can process credit card transactions directly to virtually all payment processors in North America."

Datacap's out-of-scope controls drive peripherals on behalf of the points of sale, rendering Sacoa's POS stations and kiosks "payment unaware" and
not subject to PA-DSS validation.

We integrate with a wide variety of US EMV certified hardware devices, including cost effective pin pads for manned POS Stations as well as devices specific for unattended kiosks, for most major US credit card processors:

- Mercury
- Vantiv
- First Data
- Worldpay
- Heartland
- Sterling
- Chase Paymentech
- Global Payments
- Elavon

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