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There are 6 basic steps to follow:

1. Logistics: We will be sending the parts in advanced to insure timely arrival prior to our team.

2. Set-up: Our team will install and configure all system devices including the component rack, system server, wireless communication, point of sale stations, Manager Workstations, as well as system peripherals.

3. Testing: Once the foundation is in place, we will perform a complete system test to ensure all parts are performing as expected.

4. Training: Explanation of the theory and practice of operation and actual hand-on practice will be offered by our people to your staff members and upper management. We'll simulate live operating conditions.

5. Going live: Our team will be collaborate with front of house staff to make sure training was thorough and effective.

6. Post opening: We will review with your system administrator all kinds of reports, back of house operations and make sure all kinks are ironed out.

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