Card Readers


• Wireless card reader with NFC & RFID technology (cards, wristbands, tokens & key fobs).

• Optional single head magnetic swipe technology.

• Color-code according to age restriction, promotions, tickets, etc.

• Full HD color 2.8" touch screen, auto orientation, e-tickets counting.

• Heighten E-ticket winning and counting with programmable flashing lights.

• Universal Card Link (UCL) compatible.

• Water and dust resistant (Tap version).

FLEXI (All-in-One)

The most advanced All-in-One card reader on the market with RFID, NFC and dual head magnetic swipe technology.

• Swap acceptance modules for insert, swipe or tap.

• Option of "contactless" w/ RFID cards, wristbands, tokens & key fobs or using standard magnetic card swipe.

• Full HD color 3.5" touch screen, auto orientation, e-tickets counting, twin head reader.

• Programmable LED animated effects.

• Excellent media for in-house ads and promotion.

• Multilingual with player choice.

• Controller and antenna incorporated in the case.

• Water and dust resistant.

• Universal Card Link compatible.


A full user friendly mobile version of the Sacoa Access Controller that can run on any Android tablet, and is capable of accepting any type of credit from MAG/RFID cards & wristbands to allow access for attractions.

Displays card-owner picture to ensure use by authorized guest only.

The Control Access System monitors the entrance and exit to a ride or attraction, time of entrance/exit, average time spent and extra charge for exceeding time.

Additional features include on-screen multimedia and SFX enhancements and multi-language support, making it an excellent media for in-house ads and promotion with video capability.


• Enhance and embellish your FEC operations providing your guests with attractive visual cues indicating specific events, promotions and much more.

• The high intensity LEDs can be commanded to show static hues, marquee-like animations, fade in, fade out and crawling rainbow effects.

• Games may be color-coded according to promotional discounts, age group recommendation, etc.

• E-ticket output and counting may be enhanced by flashing lights.

• Out of order games can be flagged in red.

• Twin heads reader.

• Larger display than "Classic".


• Game displays show the regular and VIP prices, as well as the current discount, if there is one.

• Water resistant sealed card reader and display unit.

• Indoors and outdoors, designed for heavy duty.

• Twin heads reader.

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