• Up to 8 bar code scanner equipped attendants servicing up to 64 customers.

• Hi speed operation with multiple items per transaction.

• Capable of interfacing directly with ticket-eaters and ticket weighing stations or reading vouchers from popular models like Deltronics, Smart & Benchmark.

• A 'big-board' video output is available to drive large-screen TV’s,
allowing customers to see ongoing transaction details.


Our specialized application delivers a complete inventory control system that interacts smoothly with Sacoa’s redemption features, including:

• Multi-site and multiple storeroom capable.

• DPL (Digital Packing list) import and automatic DPO (Digital Purchase
order) creation for all articles below set minimum in most popular
standard formats.

• Inventory items cataloged by category/sub-category with labeling

• Flexible pricing structure for redeemable items.

• Full audit and accounting both by location and consolidated.

• Comprehensive inventory report showing purchases, returns, redeems, etc
by storeroom and item for selected date ranges.

• Specific reports ordered by value, inventory, quantity redeemed etc.


• Save on labor and give guests a better experience.

• Eliminate paper ticket restocking and clearing jams.

• Offer choice of e-tickets, paper or both.

• Disable payout during special events or TimeCard use.

• Compatible with Benchmark Tickets-to-Prizes center or Baytek Prize Hub.


Our Sacoa Triple Jackpot is a progressive jackpot with sound effects and multiple operator-adjustable settings to increase the player’s winning experience in your location.

The software monitors all games in the location as well as Point of Sale stations (manned POS or automated Kiosks).

Each reel provides a random award that is determined by a configurable percentage from the credit sales, credits spent at any game/attraction and e-ticket payout from redemption machines, with the award level set by the operator.

Winners are broadcast to the location on a large video monitor along with sound effects that feature the winner's name, card number and amount of tickets won.

Bring extra excitement to your amusement center and electronic tickets to your non-redemption games with the Sacoa Triple Jackpot option.

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