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Sacoa's 'All-In-One' debit card system for game rooms is the Industry's first Self Contained and Self Installed Cashless Payment System since launch in 2006.

Ready to use with all equipment inside kiosk.

Our economical solution for unattended or smaller locations (Bowling Centers, Movie Theatres, Trampoline Parks, etc) includes everything needed to manage a fully wireless and ticketless game room.

Full integration available to Baytek's Prize Hub or Benchmark's Ticket-to-Prizes for a complete prize dispensing redemption control.

• Supports up to 60 Sacoa PlayCard readers within a 300ft / 100m nominal coverage radius per access point.

• Both Cash and Credit Card acceptance.

• Card balance and history information provided to guests.

• Automated reports with real-time online sales and game activity.

• Built-in backup for secure data storage and redundancy.

• Free-standing metal cabinet with touch screen monitor.

• Secondary flat panel included as standard equipment for promotional advertising and instruction.

• ADA Compliance

Rick Dee, VP / General Manager, PrimeTime Amusement, USA.

“In 2006, we purchased all-in-one systems to be used at unattended resort locations.
This allowed us to simply drop the kiosk in place, plug the internet in and open for business! The system worked flawlessly, it increased the revenue +25% and allowed PTA the ability to open up a whole new market for card systems in unattended locations!”

Mike Abecassis, CEO of GameTime & General Vending, USA

After 4 years of token operation we installed Sacoa EZ system in the cruise. There have been several upgrades to the game room, but the most impactful has been the addition of the Playcard system. Our revue has increased 480% year over year. Our ability to manage service needs has greatly improved. We have had positive reviews from the ships’ management. We would like to thank the entire team at Sacoa for their ongoing support.

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