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Sacoa offers interfaces for easy plug-in integration with major bowling management systems, such as:

• Brunswick's Vector Plus Center Network System's "Vector Plus Game Card Interface" (available through Brunswick) which allows all card functions to be performed.

• Qubica-AMF Conqueror Pro Management System. The Conqueror Pro terminal can activate Sacoa Playcards, load money on the cards and check account balances in real time.
In addition, the Playcards can be tied to a frequent bowler account allowing the center to use the card to recognize a customer, assign special pricing and offer specific promotions to targeted customer groups.

• Switch Bowling Management


Unique tailored design to operate a laser tag FEC location.

• Book a laser tag game for a party or eventual walk-ins.

• Works with a particular time slot, and prints the ticket right from
the POS counter.

• Interfaces with the Sacoa Party Reservation Module and the Sacoa POS software.


• Multi-player buttons can be set up on the Sacoa POS to access mini golf.

• Interface with BOCA printer for scoring cards.


• A standard Game Controller Kit runs a specific software program to control the balls.


Designed to operate a trampoline Park FEC location.

• Book and schedule by date and time for any number of trampolines.

• Optimal planning and control by sorting the status of all bookings viewable by date, week or in monthly planner format.

• Variety of reports.

• Sign waivers online before entering the premises, providing a faster check-in process (for registered customers only).

• Store signed waivers online.

• Friendly user interface making the booking process very easy.

• Walk-ins options are also available: booking, payment and waiver signing within the premises.

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