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December 13, 2022

Are you getting the most out of your money? With so many products out on the market, two good signs are if the company selling the product uses it themselves and if there are trust-worthy names who can vouch for the product, and both of these apply to Sacoa.
In 1969, Mauricio Mochkovsky, alongside his son Jorge, opened the first Sacoa family entertainment center in Argentina offering some of the most modern attractions of the time. This was the official start which quickly expanded to the main cities in the country, and also overseas, with theme parks and FECs in Ecuador and the United States.

Sacoa’s brand become a household name for entertainment in Argentina and the first read-only cashless system worldwide tested and used in their own FECs to offer the highest quality of product and service.
The development of the Sacoa Cashless System contributed to the expansion of Sacoa’s Entertainment operations, and was of paramount importance in generating business partnerships with world class operators like Playcenter in Brazil and Dave & Buster’s in the United States. Dave Corrieveau, co-founder of D&B, shared his experience stating, “Sacoa will make you more money. Period.” Following the right steps, this is true for anyone choosing to go cashless with Sacoa. Operators in over 70 countries have chosen the technology Sacoa offers.

George Smith, founder and CEO of Family Entertainment Group (FEG), manages over 60 locations including Kalahari resort, Round Rock hotel, and many more said, “Sacoa has been our knowledgeable and trusted partner since we started FEG,” added, “The company works hand in hand with us for our customized needs and is priced favorably to other options, offering complete cashless card/RFID suites and reporting.”
Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa U.S.A., shared his many years of experience in the entertainment industry from the point of view of both an operator and a developer. “This year we have already had over 40 successful installations in the U.S.A., Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Iraq, Turkey, and others.”“In most installations, our clients opted for our online modules (CRM, Sales, Party & Event Booking, and the mobile App) as well as our K4 Kiosk due to their simplicity of use and ability to operate unmanned, especially given the lack of qualified staff after the pandemic.”
Pol Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa International, said, “We always focus on changes that will revolutionize and bring about improvements in our industry. We have been working hard for many years and our knowledge and experience proves it”.
2022 is a very special year for Sacoa. As FEC operators and as providers of technology, Sacoa Cashless celebrates its 30th anniversary and it also marks 65 years since the Mochkovskys began operating in the entertainment industry back in 1957.
The family will continue the business as the new generation is joining the operation bringing new ideas to the table and putting more hands on deck.

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