Sacoa's Mochkovsky Fam Hosts Hit Party

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November 19, 2018

Sacoa and its guiding family, the Mochkovskys. held a brilliant and beautiful party last night at Dezerland Action Park in Orlando, Fla., inviting IAAPA attendees to enjoy the car-themed fun park and a night of drinks, dishes and delight. Sebastian Mochkovsky, co-owner of Dezerland and director of Sacoa, joined his partner Michael Dezer in welcoming the IAAPA crowd to the 160,000-sq.-ft. complex. The fun center is expected to house over 200 arcade games, 12 full-size bowling lanes, go-karts, a trampoline park, bumper cars and more.

Most impressive was Dezerland's focus on exceptional and rare cars. The park features over 1,800 privately owned, classic cars, including a host of TV and movie cars and memorabilia from Batman, James Bond, Back to the Future, the Munsters, the Monkees and more.

The opening is planned for spring of 2019. For more information, check out the park's website at

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