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December 01, 2008

Sacoa, leading Debit Card and Point of Sales System providers for the amusement and family entertainment industry announced that after an extensive tender and evaluation process they are outfitting Funland Timezone Ulladulla in Australia with the latest release of their acclaimed wireless system. This equipment replaces the previous Embed installation which had been experiencing various issues at the venue.
Funland GM John Dowse added that the completely wireless solution provides flexibility and freedom in rearranging the game floor, as the new system allows him to move games around without software or hardware reconfiguration, eliminating an ongoing headache with the previous system.
Funland CEO Glenn Rowen explained that Sacoa provides superior features and functionality and has proven itself as a market leader with excellent results with other major operators world-wide. The fact that Sacoa provides superior technical and operational support, combined with their commitment to continually add value and features was instrumental in landing the contract to replace Embed.
Furthermore, the changeover to Sacoa was carried out with no downtime and Glenn reports he was very impressed by Sacoa's willingness to respond quickly to customer demands for new and tailored features to suit specific operational requirements.
As you can see, this is very important for our business so I was wondering if you can include this info in your JAN edition.
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