Sacoa Playcard System and Ordyx partner to offer a fully integrated POS system

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December 13, 2011

Sacoa POS powered by Ordyx integrates a full restaurant POS with all available debit card system functionalities of the Sacoa Playcard System.

It provides a rich set of features which makes it an irreplaceable tool for restaurant and bar owners.

Ordyx provides you with the capability of manager approvals from outside the restaurant, SMS notifications, handheld compatibility, inventory tracking etc. Quickbooks integration, loyalty program and gift card features are included.

Sebastian Mochkovsky, director of Sacoa said "We are excited with this exclusive partnership; the best of two worlds are combined in one system".
“IAAPA customers gave us outstanding feedback and this is what most of the operators were searching for for a long time”, added Sebastian.

Remon Kroep, director of Ordyx said "We are pleased to announce the partnership between Sacoa and Ordyx here at IAAPA. We feel that Sacoa's reliable wireless debit card system and our innovative POS system combined will revolutionize the amusement parks and attractions industry.

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