Sacoa launches new solutions at IAAPA Expo 2022

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December 01, 2022

Guests can experience a streamlined purchase journey with new services from the firm

Sacoa Cashless System, a leader in revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, exhibited its latest products and services at IAAPA Expo this month.

One of the stand highlights, the Kiosk Shopping Cart, is a version of Sacoa Kiosk that allows customers to load multiple products onto a single card. Previously, the prior software version of Kiosk V15 permitted the user to select numerous cards, but only one product per card. This new version allows the user to load many products from the operator’s kiosk onto the same card.

It is also now possible to generate a batch of unique codes from the Sacoa Online Sales module, which may then be translated into QR codes and redeemed by customers at the kiosk using QR Code Scanning. This permits the loading of a product, which might be a Playcard with store credit. This is an optional feature that requires an additional hardware purchase.

Talented colleagues
Team members in attendance at this year’s event were (from top) Marcelo Fernandes Barrios, Jorge Gambini, Gustavo Viloria, Cesar Pampin, Pol Mochkovsky and Jorge Mochkovsky, (middle) Gabriel Cordovana and Hiara Helias, (bottom) Andres Magre, Sebastian Mochkovsky, Violeta Perez, Facundo Gambini and Alejandro Pomeraniec.

Sacoa USA CEO Mochkovsky said: “IAAPA Expo covered our expectations. It was a super busy show, mainly during the first three days. We received quality traffic at our booth, with determined buyers during show time.

“Due to our 30th anniversary in the Cashless business, we gave a fantastic celebration dinner with friends and customers from all over the world. The Kiosk k4 with the Shopping Cart and QR Code scanner got all the credits – they were the “king and queen” of the new features that Sacoa presented!”

More information on these and all of Sacoa’s products are available from the company’s website, or by calling +1-214-256-3965.

This year’s conference in Orlando hosted over 25,000 qualified buyers representing almost 12,000 buying companies, with Sacoa being amongst more than 1,000 exhibiting companies.

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