Sacoa Launches New Solutions at IAAPA

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November 29, 2022

Sacoa Cashless exhibited once again at IAAPA this year. Sacoa USA CEO Sebastian Mochkovsky said of the experience: “IAAPA Expo covered our expectations. Super busy show, mainly during the first three days. We received quality traffic at our booth of determined buyers during show time.”

During the week, Sacoa celebrated its 30 years in the cashless business with a dinner with friends and customers from across the globe.

In the booth, the company showed its K4 Kiosk, Kiosk Shopping Cart feature and QR code scanning functionality. Learn more at

The Sacoa team pictured includes Marcelo Fernandes Barrios, Jorge Gambini, Gustavo Viloria, Cesar Pampin, Pol Mochkovsky and Jorge Mochkovsky; Gabriel Cordovana and Hiara Helias; and Andres Magre, Sebastian Mochkovsky, Violeta Perez, Facundo Gambini and Alejandro Pomeraniec.

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