Sacoa Install Playcard in Costa del Sol

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April 29, 2015

Sacoa recently deployed the Playcard system in Costa del Sol, Malaga, one of the largest of Sould Park's 22 facilities across Spain.

Spreading over an area of 32,000 square feet, this is the 10th Sould Park location to install Sacoa's HDT ColorShot readers for the operation of their numerous attractions, including a safari train, a Scalextric Paris Dakar, water boats, trampolines, fishing ducks, shooting and sports machines halls, an American track, a SpongeBob bouncy castle, a jumping star free-fall, a Ferris wheel, a samba balloon and a flying carousel, among others.

With 15 years of history, Sould Park is known as being a leader in the provision of playgrounds for malls or leisure, shopping and entertainment areas. They started the change last year from token operation to rechargeable cards, choosing Sacoa as their exclusive debit card system supplier. "This initiative has been adopted for the benefit of consumers who can count now with more safety, security and speed, as well as to further professionalize the internal methodology of the parks," said Sould Park executives.

Miguel Angel Notario, owner of Sould Park, said, "The implementation of the Sacoa system is the best move I made for my parks and my business. I have improved my earnings 32% and the control 100%."

More Sould parks will soon be implementing the card system.

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