Sacoa did good business at EAG

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January 18, 2023

Sacoa enjoyed a strong presence at EAG, enjoying the benefits that linking with Sega Amusements International has provided.
Sacoa EAG
Marketing director at Sacoa, Pol Mochkovsky, told InterGame that the partnership was already showing benefits.

He said: “For us it is always good to be at the shows and EAG is always a good show for us.

"This year we have started a new partnership with Sega, which is bringing a lot of leads and attention to our product so we are very excited with that. Not only in the UK market but also worldwide. These are two strong brands that are getting together so both are happy with this.”

Mochkovsky added that market factors meant more and more operators were switching to cashless systems.

He said: “We have been seeing a lot of movement and a lot of people enquiring for a cashless system. That was something that was not happening too much in the UK before but I think that inflation and the new challenges that businesses are facing brings the necessity of having a cashless system, and that’s good for us.

“Nowadays you have to have it, not only because of the cashless acceptance but also the one-to-one communication with the customer. It is impossible to achieve this if you don’t have an integrated system like ours.”

Sacoa Sacoa Sacoa

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