Sacoa Announces Facebook Integration

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February 12, 2014

Playcard system developer Sacoa says its Online Sales and Party Booking applications now integrates with Facebook. Both applications can now be accessed from within a Facebook fan page allowing users to interact with them directly from their Facebook accounts.

The 2.0 version of Sacoa's Online Party Booking application allows users to complete all steps of a reservation process, as well as to select from their friends list to share the invitation, sending those users notifications of the upcoming party. Use of the application entails granting access to profile information, friends list and even permission to post messages on timelines.

As Sacoa Director Sebastian Mochkovsky explained: "While Facebook algorithms determine which content a friend views based on the relevance of that content, the outreach of a timeline post has a much wider scope than the very own friend list, since a comment or 'Like' may generate the content to be re-posted in the timeline of the person who interacted with it."

Likewise, the social network integration of Sacoa's Online Sales module allows users to recharge their cards, as well as to obtain free bonus for registering and sharing their activity with friends on their timeline, all directly from their Facebook accounts.

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