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July 06, 2015

Sacoa’s systems technologies are helping amusement operators to maximise their earnings, Sebastian Mochkovsky explains

Security is clearly an important consideration for today’s amusement operators, but how high up on the list of priorities is data reporting? Very high, according to Sebastian Mochkovsky, director of debit card systems company Sacoa.

“Data reporting is one of the key factors these days,” he said. “The focus is on immediacy, as well as ease of access to the information.”

Sacoa has installed over a thousand systems across numerous countries around the world.

“We were pioneers – and continue to be – in gaming-related solutions,” Mochkovsky continued. “Our game controllers have always been famous for their sturdiness and reliability, and our core product that set us apart from other payment solutions not directly developed for the gaming industry.”

The company’s Playcard system enables the operator to have more control over their location, allowing for remote monitoring and eliminating hidden operational costs. It also combats petty theft and fraud, while providing tools to implement marketing and pricing strategies, as well as enhancing customer loyalty.”

In the competitive amusement industry, few new family entertainment centres open without a debit card system and many existing locations are making the transition, such are the benefits. Can operators afford not to utilise systems technology at their venues?

“If they are looking to have true control over their operation and be able to maximise their earnings while marketing their product the best way possible, then no, they cannot afford not to deploy a card system at their location,” Mochkovsky said.

Among Sacoa’s most in-demand products
is the All-in-One ColorShot HDT reader, featuring a 3.5ins HD touchscreen display with auto-orientation capability, twin-head reader and e-ticket capability, and its Online Party Booking Module. The latter is a highly customisable platform featuring multiple store selection, scheduling, party packages, food, gifts and online payments.

Development at Sacoa continues and on the way is a new kiosk cabinet, the K3, which will feature a much wider screen and a completely new design to intended to enhance the guest’s automated card purchase experience.

Mochkovsky revealed that the company is focusing in two key areas, one of which is the incorporation of RFID tap-to-credit technology within the ColorShot HDT readers. This introduces the possibility of contactless reading of RFID cards, wristbands, tokens and key fobs.

The other area receiving significant attention is the development of online modules, such as online sales and CRM, that are accessible via smartphones. Mobile solutions are likely to play an increasingly important role in the amusement industry in the years ahead.

“Our mobile POS solution, the mPOS, is basically a mobile version of our Sacoa POS, which can run on any Android tablet and acts exactly like a stationary POS by selling food and beverage or retail merchandise, as well as PlayCards,” Mochkovsky said. “The mPOS accepts cash, credit cards or PlayCard credit as payment and can connect to a printer through Bluetooth or TCPIP for receipt printing.

“Regarding mobile payments, our online sales application enables guests to instantly recharge credits on their PlayCards right from their mobile phones, allowing for multiple store selection, as well as customised credit offers.”

He added: “There is certainly a demand for mobile applications in the industry, because operators always want to be on top of what the latest technology has to offer.”

If the move away from coins and tokens on the game floor is a growing trend, another logical step appears to be the move away from traditional paper redemption tickets. Although it is often argued that the physical process of collecting tickets is part of the amusement experience itself, the use of debit cards and mobile solutions could potentially see that change.

“The trend is clearly going the e-ticket way,” said Mochkovsky, “not only because of the reduced operational costs and added control, which benefit the operator, but also because the mentality of today’s generation of guests is not only prepared for virtual tickets, but also demands this type of environmentally-friendly solution.”

Naturally, Sacoa is at the forefront of this trend.

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