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November 26, 2010

The IAAPA trade show in Orlando was non-stop negotiations for Sacoa, the Argentine-based developer of the Playcard system for validating games through debit cards and the accompanying management information it secures.

"We have a number of customers currently going through an updating of their existing systems," said director Sebastian Mochkovsky, "and a constant stream of new customers. The market in the US is still wide open to investment in the debit cards area and we have had a very busy show."

He said that there was plenty of evidence that the industry was emerging from its period of depression. "There’s money in the streets again," he said, adding that there was still some distance to go to achieve the levels of a few years ago, but the outlook was very positive.

Sacoa’s DR500 was shown at IAAPA, the interactive wireless system was first demonstrated in 2009 and the second generation version was on display with its unique features, including a personal greeting, which may be ‘happy birthday’ or ‘you have won a free game’.

Said George Mochkovsky: "It is important to establish an instant rapport with guests and there is no finer way than to treat them as individuals. Everyone can offer a personalised greeting with their system, but we have added sound. Watch out….everyone will have that now."

The system has any language needed by the customer and provides a host of transaction feedback information to the operator

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