N.Y. N.Y. Launches Big Apple Arcade with Sacoa

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September 25, 2014

The New York New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has officially opened its Big Apple Coaster & Arcade using the Sacoa PlayCard debit system to run attractions and redemption instead of coins and paper tickets. Sacoa said it was chosen by MGM after competitive analysis among other leading card companies in the industry. The deployment marks the largest for the PlayCard System in America and the first time by MGM Resorts for one of their owned properties.

The first phase of installation involved the Big Apple Arcade with over 200 video, redemption and novelty pieces. The second phase will incorporate roller coaster rides onto the card with pre-packaged specials and promotions for a full entertainment guest experience. Upcoming or future plans include cross-marketing promotions involving other MGM Resort hotels and buying food and beverage on property, as well as room card acceptance to pay for play.

Sacoa Director Sebastian Mochkovsky expressed his pleasure with first stage completion: "We are extremely happy to have MGM Resorts with their new Las Vegas showcase as our client. Transition from cash to card was simple and most impressively, it was done in the middle of their busy summer season."

"This project really represented a lot of challenges for us because of gaming security measures and MGM corporate requirements," added Brian Duke, who heads up new business development for Sacoa. "We were able to work around any difficulties and accomplish everything for them exactly as they wanted it done. The result is a state-of-the-art cashless payment system that has drastically improved performance and revenue at their beautifully renovated facility."

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