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August 03, 2009

Following in the footsteps of the 2008 twin deployments in El Paso and Memphis, Sacoa Playcard has now installed its true-wireless system in two new locations opened by America's Incredible Pizza Company during the summer of 2009 - Urbandale, Iowa, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each of these locations now use the Sacoa Playcard system for managing their food and beverage sales, redemption counter and wireless operation of over 100 games each. Sebastian Mochkovsky, Sacoa’s director of sales, said he was very pleased with AIPC’s decision to continue installing the Sacoa system in its upcoming locations, after a false start with a different card system in the past.

Earlier in the summer, Sacoa’s wireless Playcard system was also installed at Corvette Diner’s new location in San Diego. “When we decided to introduce the arcade at our new location we envisioned a greener arcade that used playcards and was completely electronic," said Billy Anderson, director of IT.

"We knew it was a big project and were very impressed with the Sacoa system and even more so with the Sacoa installation and how easy it was to use. Their team helped us through the entire process of installation and training and the system has turned out to be just what we needed, both from an operational and guest standpoint.”

Another Sacoa Playcard system has beenset up at Space Port, at the Center City Mall in Patterson, New Jersey, which opens on September 1. The location operates video games, redemption and mini bowling.

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