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October 18, 2010

Deployments of the Sacoa Playcard System in Middle East include location Al Dora Amusement Park in Mecca with over 40 playing positions and 25 rides. Two locations in Turkey (Marmaris and Trabzon) that use Sacoa's Color Shot readers for the wireless operation of over 150 playing positions and e-tickets for their redemption games

Competitor systems were replaced in two Babylon Magic Park locations in Kazakhstan, that equipped their 250+ games with Sacoa's Color Shot readers and another four America's Incredible Pizza Company’s locations making a total of 8 AIPC locations using an average of 150 wireless games each plus Sacoa POS, redemption control system and e-ticket in the US and Mexico.

Other American installations include The Pinball Museum, in Washington (VA), controling 40 selected vintage pinballs, and Castles n' Coasters, a Family Fun and Thrill Park in Phoenix (AZ), home of Arizona's Best Coasters exciting water rides, a class miniature golf course, an other attractions. The park uses 10 Sacoa self service kiosks, operates over 250 games with Sacoa's ColorShot readers and uses e-tickets for their redemption games.

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Sacoa is the developer of the Playcard® system, the leading debit card system, designed to control and manage FEC and Amusement Park Facilities. In addition, the company offers a full Redemption Inventory System, as well as other applications for CRM, Party Reservations and strong marketing tools designed to enhance customer loyalty. For additional information on the Sacoa Playcard® system, please visit the web site at

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