HangOut opens with Sacoa Playcard System

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May 07, 2015

HangOut, one of India's leading family entertainment centers (FECs), has opened a new location at the Pavilion Mall in Ludhiana, New Delhi, taking advantage of Sacoa´s Playcard System to manage their POS sales as well as their attractions and games.

HangOut Ludhiana covers over 15,000 square feet and utilizes Sacoa´s ColorShot readers for the operation of over 70 games and rides for all ages, including India's first ever 6D Motion Theatre and Virtual Roller Coaster, a two-level indoor modular play area, Typhoon Twin seat virtual rider, a thrill ride, air hockey, shooting and racing games, basketball hoops for all age groups, a bouncy town themed raceway with obstacles and slides, a pirate boat ride, jungle safari ride, and more.

Sebastian Mochkovsky, Director of Sacoa Playcard, said, "I'm very happy to see that the economy has been growing in the last year for such a great country and I see HangOut acquiring locations in an aggressive expansion program." Shalini Vij, Director of HangOut, said, "HangOut is very satisfied with the service and the Sacoa system. Sacoa was one of our best decisions."

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