Gold Standard/Shelti Teams with Sacoa For Cashless Pool and Air Hockey

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October 05, 2015

Sacoa Debit Card Systems will begin to pre-install its PlayCard System on all air hockey tables and Shelti electronic pool tables manufactured by Gold Standard Games. According to the company, this will result in "savings in both costs an installation time, along with increased revenues."

The card readers will effectively transform tables into cashless machines, and will work with Sacoa's EZ System environment. This means they can be implemented in game rooms already using the Sacoa EZ system quickly.

Similar to the cooperation between Valley-Dynamo and Embed Systems that was announced back in July, this partnership was formed in response to a growing demand for cashless systems across the amusement industry.

"Air hockey and pool tables can create their own environment or be part of an FEC," said Sebastian Mochkovsky, Director of Sacoa. "We are very pleased to co-work with such a prestigious company as Gold Standard Games in offering this simple solution to operators.

"We, in turn, feel that Sacoa is the perfect match for our goal of offering our air hockey and pool tables 'ready to go out of the box' for integration into FECs currently employing the Sacoa PlayCard System, or smaller unattended game rooms employing the Sacoa EZ System. Their simplicity to install, interface, and maintain is what makes Sacoa's debit card systems the industry leader," stated Paul Jacobs, VP of Sales for Gold Standard/Shelti.

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