GameWorks partners with Sacoa

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December 15, 2014

The GameWorks national chain of
entertainment centers has chosen the Sacoa Playcard System for its recently opened family entertainment center (FEC) in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 26,000-square-foot location features a massive arcade floor filled with the newest games as well as classics, a dedicated eSports center with PC and console-based games, high-definition TVs, and a full-service restaurant.

GameWorks uses Sacoa's card system and its HDT card readers at all of its locations. The reader features a 3.5-inch HD touch screen that supports multiple images, as well as messages in several languages.

Darren Des Roches, Area Director with GameWorks, said of the new HDT reader: "The integration of all components into one unit and the e-ticket feature dramatically enhances the guest experience. The HDT reader also enables GameWorks to lower operating expenses and further our commitment to the environment by operating as green as possible."

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