Florida family entertainment ‘measure of reopening’

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May 12, 2021

The money management systems company is well placed to measure test the pulse of the market, and it is reopening, said Mochkovsky.

“We have noticed a reactivation of the business through the increase in stores opening up again and new ones getting into the market for the first time. The Covid pandemic has stopped generating that feeling that it is necessary to lock down.”

In the past five months, the company has opened its huge Dezerland Park in Orlando (pictured), with 800,000sq.ft of attractions, two indoor e-kart tracks, 12 lanes of bowling, a trampoline park and 250 games.

“We used 16 POS, 12 K4 kiosks and the latest Spark card readers, plus online sales, online party booking, CRM modules and the Sacoa App to speed up sales. It is the perfect shop window for us.”

There are others. Nearby, George Smith of FEG opened his In the Game venue at Icon Park Orlando with 60 machines and Spark readers, multiple K4 kiosks, POS and the Sacoa redemption system. In Orlando, there has been the Magical Midway arcade, owned by Dale Williams, where the previous card system was replaced with Sacoa, plus 70 Sparks and the latest Sacoa technology.

“You can add to that another Florida location, Beach Fun and Games at Madeira Beach. That has just upgraded its old token system with 65 Spark readers and software feature.”

Sacoa is also reporting fresh successes in Australia, Spain and Egypt, among a number of countries.

“I think that we are ready to get back to normal,” said Mochkovsky, “and forget what has been an ugly moment in the history of the industry.”

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