Czech entertainment centre chooses Sacoa

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August 23, 2021

Fun City in Prague’s Old Town Square includes a wide variety of modern arcade and redemption games, cranes and other coin-operated products. The 45 machines have now been linked together with a Sacoa cashless system to move away from coins and tokens.

Remco Kriek and William Brinksma, the FEC owners, report that they are very satisfied with the results of the installation and are already noting improvements that exceed expectations.

“Making the decision to switch to Sacoa meant a significant growth for our business since the first day. It has definitely made things much easier for us and is completely exceeding our expectations. The Sacoa team have been extremely helpful during the process, advising on every detail before, during and after installation. We are planning to open more new locations soon and we will certainly install Sacoa into them,” said Kriek.

Pictured(left to right): Andrea Tocci, sales representative at Sacoa International, Remco Kriek, Fun City owner, and Cesar Pampin, Sacoa software implementation specialist.

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