50%-70% of location's total sales via Kiosk K4

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January 04, 2023

MORE and more, operators see the value of a slick and reliable backend solution for their location. It is no wonder then that Sacoa have seen such success with its Kiosk K4.

More than 400 units of the latest Kiosk have now been sold and the company says that between 50 to 70 per cent of total sales come via the Kiosk, with more and more people preferring self-service.

The product features a 32ins HD touch screen monitor and a 23ins promotional upper screen.

It features a secure steel cash compartment and shopping tart function with effective upselling.

Kiosk K4 accepts both cash, credit and debit cards and can display information in multiple languages, all selectable by the user.

Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa USA said: "The Kiosk K4 with the Shopping Cart and QR code scanner get all the credit. They are the king and queen of the company's recently introduced innovations."

The Shopping Cart allows loading of more than one product on a card, meaning that a guest can purchase multiple offerings from an operator and load them onto the same card.

Meanwhile the OR code scanning functionality means that an operator can generate unique QR codes, which can be sold and loaded onto a card easily.

George Smith, founder, chief executive officer and president of Family Entertainment Group said: "Sacoa's Kiosk K4 is wonderful, a Da Vinci.

"It is a great solution to improve transaction speed, reduces personnel requirements and encourage the guest to spend more money."

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