Some of our Customers say...

Yair Schecter, Owner at Bowling Ramat Gan & Bowling Rishon Le Zion, Israel.

"Before I switched from tokens to a computerised ticket system, I knew that I wanted to choose a well-known company in the field. The transition from tokens to digital can be accompanied by difficulties, but Sacoa is available at the owner level of the company for help, in addition to a 24-hour emergency service that is available, and this confidence is critical for every day work. It is important to know that a computerised ticket system is a kind of wedding and we are happy that we chose Sacoa to be our partners in this way."

Justin Thomas, Owner at The Illusion VR, Kentucky, USA.

"We just started a Family Entertainment Center, which was our first venture into this market. We researched all of the options in upgrading our coin based machines to rechargeable cards and SACOA was the clear choice. From first contact to installation and continuing support, SACOA has been exceptional. Their responsiveness to issues as they arise are second to none, and all of the employees have been incredibly kind, attentive, and knowledgeable. Throughput has increased, and the reporting system offered allows deep insights into my business I would not have otherwise had access to. We are very pleased with our choice, and feel anyone looking to upgrade your arcade/FEC will be."

Aurelio Hernandez, Owner of Virtual Saloon, Blanes, Spain.

"With the Sacoa system, we have improved our control of the FEC; with just one click, we have access to all the information we need to make the business as profitable as possible. Thanks to this we have improved our revenues. And as for the treatment, we were 100% satisfied with the Sacoa staff.”

Ben Kreins, Director of Operations Victory Lanes Mooresville, USA

"Sacoa has made our life so much easier. We took over the arcade and had no idea how to set anything up, they came in and had everything operational with in no time. They also took the time to make sure we understood how everything worked and gave us lots of tips for making things easier for the guest. We definitely couldn't have done it without them."

Richard Sanfilipo, Owner of Sam's Fun City, USA

"Sacoa is what I use for our FEC, we increased our sales more than 15%, The system works seamlessly and I get more data that I can use."

Dale Williams, President Williams Amusements, USA

"The company has a "can do philosophy" starting from the top all the way through the entire company. The installers are the hardest working technicians I've ever worked with. My biggest customer made a last second decision to allow us to convert from tokens and paper tickets, to cashless and E-tickets. The installation started 3 days before the 4th of July peak season. It was a miracle installation completed in just 3 days with NO down time and zero loss of revenue. Revenue is up and my customer was so impressed with the results that they followed up with approval to do the same in another location, this time over Labor Day. Same result, a miracle with NO down time and revenue is already up!"

Don “Woody” Woodward, Game On Arcade and Sports Pub, USA.

"Customer support has been awesome, even at our most critical times. Problems happen- it is how they are resolved that matters. I recommend Sacoa to anyone opening a new venture”.

Charles Holden, Owner Cici's Pizza, USA

"Sales up 200%!. I'm not a tech guy at all but this system is so easy."

Craig Buster, General Manager of Coconut Bowl, USA.

"When we were shopping for cashless card systems, we asked every vendor if they were flexible with their product on the “back end” or would create custom programming for us. Sacoa was the only company we found that was a resounding yes! Then they backed up their statement by helping us navigate the tricky FEC point of sale space. In addition to that, their technical support is very attentive to our needs and quick to react”.

Tina Sulivan, Owner of Beach Fun, USA

"Sacoa is the best on the market, they are reliable without monthly fees. Switch over Sacoa now”.

Sergio Cruz, Owner of Bowling City, Portugal

"The best company in the world".

Scott Schuh, Owner of Piccadilly Palace, USA.

"By the time Sebastian was done explaining the Sacoa cashless system, I understood how it worked and also had an understanding of how the Sacoa system was superior to their competitors. He works on a handshake and verbal agreement that his product will perform to the customer’s expectations. This means a lot to me being a newbie in the fun center business, I cannot fail with Sacoa and Sebastian working at my side."

Maheboob J Siwani, Owner of HM Group / AMOEBA FEC, India

"My heartfelt gratitude to the entire Sacoa team for your invaluable support and assistance in the successful implementation of the play card system for our new branch. Your team's dedicated support, especially after operational hours, enabled us to reinstate the system as scheduled for our branch opening. I must highlight the exceptional proactive and dedication support provided by Mr. Marcelo, Bruno, Spada, Victor and Rod who have consistently been supportive of our requirements. We look forward to your continued support for the seamless maintenance and operation of our systems in the future."

McKenzie Duncan, General Manager of Zig-E's Funland, USA

"We can not thank Sacoa enough for helping us adapt to the world of cashless. They adapt to our problems fixing everything they can as fast as they can."

George Smith, President of Family Entertainment Group LLC, USA.

“After working with debit card systems since 1985, I have found most to be failing in either hardware, software or support. Without question, the selection of Sacoa has been more than justified with its affordability, flexibility and lack of problems with the system. The documentation was complete and clear. The installation crew included some of the hardest working and most knowledgeable technicians I have ever dealt with. We now have a system which has allowed us to increase sales over 30% in our Wyomissing, PA, location since installation. Support has been consistent, unstinting and unfailing. We have had real and verifiable success with the system. I'm pleased and unhesitating in my confidence in Sacoa and your team. We definitely intend to use the system in new locations”.

Rick Barsness Owner/CEO. IPC, America’s Incredible Pizza Company, USA

"We use SacoaCard exclusively in our 6 Family Entertainment Centers. They are so responsive to our needs to provide reports, etc to help us grow our business and make more money. I would highly recommend them to anyone"

Aaron Sagendorf | Director of Safety & Facility Management - Kings • Dining & Entertainment - Boston MA, USA.

“Sacoa’s game play tracking reports have been a time saver and game changer for our operations. Card readers are easy to install, great price for smaller arcades & concepts. The entry investment is well worth it to move away from the coin system. The guest experience has improved as coin feed errors are a thing of the past”.

Darren Des Roches, Chief Operating Officer of GameWorks Inc, USA

“The system's flexibility has been a key factor in successfully restructuring of our game rooms, and data provided by the excellent reporting tools has been invaluable in achieving our revenue growth goals. Sacoa's customer service has been instrumental in keeping our system 100% operational 24/7”.

John Sophios, Managing Director of iPlay Australia.

“I would like to thank the Sacoa team for supplying us a great card system and awesome support. It is good to deal with a family run company which can relate to the on going needs of an amusement machine operation”.

Miguel Angel Notario. Owner of Sould Park, Spain.

"The implementation of the Sacoa system is the best move I made for my parks and my business. I have improved my earnings 32% and the control 100%. I highly recommend this system and the support staff is incredible. Thank you for your kind attention".

John Russo, Owner of Saturn 5, USA.

"I've enjoyed a positive relationship with Sebastian and his outstanding team at SACOA for over 11 years now. Relationship being the operative word. He and I have forged just that over the years and he takes a special personal interest in what he does with and for my company. They are always staying one to two steps ahead of the rest of the industry. We have multiple centers and after trying another system, rapidly came running back to SACOA. I'd recommend the same to anyone else".

Juan Carlos Rizzu, President of Tursol S.A, Uruguay.

"A few years ago we decided to gradually deploy the Sacoa system in our operation. It was a good decisione, no more tokens inventory and we achieved a high level of control of our business. Our main concern was a catastrophic system failure, but fortunately that never happened. The 24/7 help desk always promptly fixed any minor detail in less than 15 minutes. The best part of using this system is the free time I now have to enjoy my family. The system manages my business and I just count the profits!"

Scott Boardman, Vice President of Information Technology America’s Incredible Pizza Company, USA.

“It has been a real pleasure working with Sebastian on our Monterrey, Mexico location as well as our upcoming Memphis, TN location. He as well as his installation team that installed in Mexico were very professional and made sure everything was as it should be in regards to operations and reporting. Everything that we have asked they have accomplished without hesitation. We look forward to working with the Sacoa team in the future”.

Dave Corriveau, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO Dave & Buster's, USA.

"With the Sacoa Power Card, Dave & Buster's revenue has increased, our customer service has been enhanced and it put us on a platform that can keep up with our rapid growth. Reliability and support far exceeded our expectations. We're extremely happy with the Sacoa people".

David Goldfarb, Owner PrimeTime Amusements, USA.

“I have recently installed my third Playcard System at Xtreme Indoor Karting in Ft. Lauderdale and could not be happier. We are making a minimum of 30% increase in overall revenues. We are installing our first wireless system at Nascar Cafe in Universal Studios Orlando soon. If you are looking for consistent accounting and increasing your profits The Sacoa System is highly recommended! PrimeTime Amusements would also like to thank all of the tech support and a special thanks to Violeta”.

Raul Vasquez, Manager of City Park, Colombia.

"We are more than satisfied using the Sacoa PlayCard System. Sales are up 20% and customer satisfaction is at an all time high due to constant promotions and discount offers. Our managers are now free to dedicate their time to cater to customer needs, motivate our personnel and general oversight of the operation. The management reports are fast and to the point. This enables us to base our decisions on hard facts. Whereas previously the question was "Is it worth the investment to install PlayCard at all our stores?", it has now changed to: 'How do we go about upgrading all operations in the shortest possible timeframe?".

Dan Fonseca Gaming Manager Santikos Theatre, USA

“The card swipers look great and the kiosk interfaces are easy to use. There are several options available to you in regards to reporting, which is what I like the most about the system. You can break the daily operation down into as much or little detail as you want. In the event there is something you need that isn’t immediately available the team in Argentina and the U.S. have really done their best to ensure that you get the reporting desired. The team is down to earth and easy to work with!”

George Yamin, President of Yamin Family Centers,Venezuela.

"With the Sacoa System our business entered a new era. We can now manage our 14 stores with ease and efficiency. Revenues have increased way beyond our expectations and hidden costs have been eliminated. Use of the system opened the door for an immediate expansion of our chain. Pity we did not meet the Sacoa people months before!

Donovan Fremin, Executive Assistant Delta Music, USA

"Dealing with SACOA has been a delight from the beginning. The entire staff have been great to work with. The installation was quick and easy and I couldn't be happier with the results. We constantly had issues with the ticket and token mechanism's before. Since the install, we have seen a 99% drop in service calls. We were also able to get creative with our pricing to be able to make more revenue per play while making sure the customer felt they were still getting a good value for their purchases. I am so satisfied that I am currently working on installing the SACOA system to another one of our redemption locations".

Michael Auger, Managing Partner of Trifecta Management Group INC, USA.

"TMG has been a Sacoa user for a long time. We were not surprised by their fast and professional response when we acquired GameWorks locations in Long Beach and Columbus. They were ready to assist us from day one to ensure a smooth implementation customizing the system to match KDB's operations style and met our aggressive grand-opening target date with a fully functional system. We are extremely satisfied with the Sacoa system. It is powerful, user friendly and the support is top-notch. We intend on using Sacoa in our future FECs".

Patrick Smalley, Amusement Operations Manager of Foxwoods Resort Casino, USA.

“We noticed an increase in revenue immediately upon starting to use SACOA System. Net Income was up 15% and our profit margin was 76.32%. I attribute these increases to the Playcard system. The after-sales service and support places Sacoa in a class of its own”.

Torrance Ring, Engineer/Manager, Castles N’ Coasters, USA.

“After years of careful research and industry references, we selected the Sacoa PlayCard system; a company with a history very similar to our own. The Sacoa installation team worked tirelessly with our staff converting our 225 piece arcade DCS and POS system. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. After 2-years post installation, the system has worked to our expectations. Sacoa customized and installed new software in our system. These upgrades have been a huge undertaking by Sacoa, and at no additional costs. Our company’s 55 years in commercial recreation, coupled with Sacoa’s experience and leadership in software development will keep us on the leading edge as the visionary leaders in this industry”.

Mike Abecassis, Chief Executive Officer of GameTime & General Vending, USA.

"The Sacoa team consistently works entirely selflessly. They focus clearly on the outcome and do whatever it takes to get it done. In today's challenging business environment relationships are the key to success. The Sacoa team has mastered this!".

Alvaro Junqueira Neto, President of Parks & Games, Brazil.

"We are more than satisfied with the SACOA Playcard System. Apart from adding us value information, we were most impressed with the support and professionalism of this company. All our requests, reports and adjustments are quickly addressed. Our biggest challenge was the management of information, and how to use it for a better utilization of our operations. With the reliable and friendly support from SACOA, we have more tranquility in our decision making. We are now reaching our goals".

Stan Caminsky, President of Caminsky Group of Companies, South Africa.

"Our experiences with Sacoa have only been at the highest level. Having 7 FEC's in South Africa in which we have the benefit of Sacoa I cannot recommend your system high enough. In regard to after sales service you certainly go the extra mile. It is one thing to purchase a product but it is another for suppliers to stand by their after sales promises. In this regard I cannot fault your company. Being a family business and operating your own arcades you are only too familiar with what operators go through when they have machines down and not earning income. We have not stopped at 7 FEC's and are looking at hopefully 3 more next year, The first on our tick list is Sacoa. I cannot recommend you and your team high enough."

Glenn Rowen, Director, Funland Ulladulla, Australia.

"With 40 years experience in the industry using coins, tickets, tokens and having recently changed from another card system (EMBED), I can say without doubt that the Sacoa system is the best available. Our takings are up! Our average visitor spend is up! Everyone finds it easy to use the system! Our customers are happy! Our running costs are down AND there are no royalties to pay so our bottom line is much healthier too! The Sacoa system works flawlessly. Sebastian and his team are totally professional, providing superb backup if ever we need it, as well as suggesting ways to improve our marketing using the playcard. The changeover was much easier than I expected, due to the dedication and experience of the Sacoa crew. They have become wonderful partners for us and the system enables us to promote with no limitations. If you can think of it, Sacoa can do it using playcard! I wish I had found them 40 years ago!".

Enrique Zuniga, General Manager of Juegos Diana, Santiago, Chile.

"The system is a success. Collections went up from minute one with absolut control. Very positive to have online help assistance. We are very satisfied".

Glenn Figueroa, Chief Operating Officer of Adventureland, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

"The Sacoa system is the most cost effective investment we've made for the Adventureland project. The system also helps streamline our operation in terms of management information. Management can now make better decisions based on the quality of information we get from the data."

Costas Christodoulou, Director of IT of MR Funtubbles Funfair, South Africa.

"When we decided to open the first indoor funfair in South Africa , we looked at sourcing the best and most established suppliers to help us. After much research we decided to go the Sacoa route for our operating system. We have been extremely pleased with the professional manner in which the team has set up and helped us in our everyday running of our business. The stability and reports of the debit card system is excellent. I would only recommend using Sacoa , as they are tried and tested".

Jeffrey Apfel & Anthony Neri, President of Pizza Putt, USA.

“Since the introduction of the Sacoa System at Pizza Putt, we have noticed that our more expensive games are played more frequently. Customers lose track of cost because absent tokens, the price becomes intangible. “Just swipe your Playcard, and the game begins!". We are quite convinced the system has increased gaming revenue and created new promotional opportunities which drive business even more. There have been no issues at all with the games or Playcard readers. Their installation team and office support in Argentina are top-notch, and if you didn’t know where their offices are, you would think they were located just down the road. Any questions you have are addressed promptly by people that makes you feel like you are their most important customer!. You can't delay your plans to install this system - your delay in action will only cost you lost revenue while you remain a token or quarter location!!!"

Ernesto Margolis, Owner of Game Station, Brazil

"The Sacoa System has been a vital tool for our FEC operations. The level of operational control coupled with the added flexibility for our marketing strategies promoted our expansion. With all of Sacoa's features our team was able to implement innovative ideas which increased our customer satisfaction and saved us money. We are happy with our decision of going with Sacoa".

Irfan Butt, Managing Director of games The Coliseum Group, Inc, USA.

“I’m involved in Amusement Business from last 25 years. And got a chance to experience several Swipe systems available in the market. But the only system which impressed me the most is the Sacoa Swipe System. Its wide range of features and easy to understand reports are amazing. No matter if the Center is small or several locations it works great for both. We are using Sacoa Swipe System at The Coliseum since we opened 8 years ago. Since then the system is working great. The outstanding support by Sacoa team is incredible. For all my new locations my choice is only and only Sacoa System.”

Jason Kenney - Area Manager Golfland Entertainment Centers, USA

"The Sacoa system we installed last year is great. We feel the benefits and increased earnings will pay for the system in a short period of time. The Sacoa staff was even able to pull off some custom adjustments at install. We have been very pleased with the system."

Rick Dee, VP / General Manager, PrimeTime Amusement, USA.

“In 2006, we purchased all-in-one systems to be used at unattended resort locations. This allowed us to simply drop the kiosk in place, plug the internet in and open for business! The system worked flawlessly, it increased the revenue +25% and allowed PTA the ability to open up a whole new market for card systems in unattended locations!”

Mazen Faquieha, Owner of Nice Time Center, KSA

"We are using Sacoa system in our locations for more than 10 years. We feel lucky to be part of the Sacoa family, it is a greatest card system with wonderful service and support. Thanks for all Sacoa, we are proud with your permanent evolution."

Cassidy Cook, President of Renaissance Fun Park, USA.

"From the initial research stage Sacoa stood out from the other card systems. They bring a robust system coupled with unparalleled support and knowledge. From the Sales staff to the Support team, everyone wants to see you succeed. I would highly recommend you give them the opportunity to take your business to the next level!"

Robyn Lambert, Owner/Director of Electric Avenue, South Africa

“As the Owner Operator of two fully fledged Family Entertainment Centres, Electric Avenue, we have found the SACOA product completely tailor made for the management and control of our revenue. The SACOA team have a positive and constructive approach to addressing the needs of our operations and will certainly form part of our expansion plans into the future”.

Andy Marques, General Manager of GameRoom/Johnny Rockets Sawgrass, USA.

“We recently upgrade our Sacoa system to wireless and it as surpassed all of our expectations. Now when we get new games or have to move them it is a breeze. The support we have received from the Sacoa Team has been exceptional. It is a real pleasure knowing that we can call on them at anytime and that they are ready and willing to help.”

Moises Cohav, Owner of Rebounderz Trampoline Arena, Panama.

"Sacoa has been an essential tool for the operation of our arcade and trampoline park. It eases our collection and redemption process. We are very pleased to have acquired Sacoa. We recommend it to all operators who are still working with tokens or cash."

Wilfredo V. Soares, President of Virtual Park, Acarigua edo. Portuguesa, Venezuela.

“I was doubtful about the PlayCard System at the beginning, but as I got to know its virtues and staff, I've started to understand how great its possibilities and cutting edge technology are. Nowadays I'm calm, my sales have increased, I've updated my accounting system, and withdrawn the tedious work that the coins collection means. The coin system means the past, whereas Sacoa PlayCard represents the future”.

Marysol Aguilar C. Gerente de Fantasy Land, Costa Rica.

"My deepest and most sincere gratitude to you. Thanks for the identification with our request, showing a warm professional empathy, prompt and professional attention, which nowadays with the evolution of the market is extremely difficult to find. Special thanks to Roberto Diaz and Lucas."

Alberto Velarde Bolivar, General Manager of Game World, Bolivia.

"After the first year of operation of our FEC located in Santa Cruz - Bolivia, we are totally satisfied with the Sacoa System because it improved our business offering better control. Now customers can save their redemption points into their accounts and redeem them in the future. We recommend the Sacoa system."

Dave Pace, CEO, YaYa's Island of Paducah, USA.

"We decided to try to increase our revenue and profits by investing in more games and eliminating token and ticket cost. We looked into Embed, Ideal systems and Sacoa. We were impressed with your touchscreen reader and the positive reviews from Sacoa's current clients over the competition. Since installing the HDT readers on all 72 machines, we have reduced the technical issues with the machines and increased the collection. Thanks Sabastian!".

Dan Audette, General Manager of Essex Speedway & Action Center, USA.

"Sacoa, thank you for installing and the support we receive for the card swipe system we purchased. Everything went as planned and better then expected. We asked your company to do something that would normally take 6-8 weeks and you did it in 3. Every time we call for support your team is there to help us. I would highly recommend Sacoa to anyone in the future looking for quality card systems and support".

Cory Haynes, President of BFD, Bar Fun Dining, USA.

“I have been a Sacoa user for over 20 years. During my 27 year tenure with Dave and Buster’s we converted from token to Sacoa’s game card system, increasing revenue and lowering costs and down time. While President and COO of Sega Entertainment, Sacoa was our exclusive game card system for all locations. Their service, reliability and user friendly system made them my choice for my latest venture, BFD, bar fun dining. Ordyx Point of Sales and Sacoa are the two mandated systems for our franchising partners. Sacoa’s seamless migration with Ordyx point of sales make it a snap when opening a location. Point of Sales changes and additions are made by the operator in their office and are instant, giving the operator total control in our constantly changing environment. Coupled with Sacoa’s wireless system we can change game layouts in minutes and are up and running before we open.”

Javier Llaguno, Managing Director of Peke Park, Spain.

"Our park has been open since 1995 and we always worked with tokens and coins. SACOA installed their PLAYCARD system in 2007, and we are more than satisfied of the results, control of games, specific reports and specially amazed about their staff throughout the last 4 years. Their immediate answer at any queries we may have and their on-line support is simply great! I can only highly recommend it!".

Javier Urbina Franco, General Manager of Playland Diver S.A., Colombia.

“We are very pleased with the Sacoa PlayCard system, we consider it the right tool to efficiently answer our operational, marketing and internal control needs. After analyzing many options we found in Sacoa the precise answer to our requirements and we can assure that the experience we have had with its application greatly exceeded our expectations”.

D.R. Reddy Manager of Sha'ab Park, Kuwait.

"The system offers instant reporting which is very beneficial for a huge outdoor park facility like ours. We can monitor the prices of the rides and the traffic at the entrances and at each individual ride. Is fool proof and very secure. Customer friendly and helps to save operational costs".

Harry Kourbeis, Owner of Tunza Fun, Australia.

"Our association with Sacoa and our company's group of stores has been a very positive move. Sebastian and his team have always presented a very personal service to all our needs and their products have exceeded our expectations hence improving operations of our business".
Thank you Sebastian.

Billy Anderson, Director of IT of Corvette, Cohn Restaurants, USA.

"When we decided to introduce the arcade at our new location we envisioned a greener arcade that used playcards and was completely electronic. We knew it was a big project and were very impressed with the Sacoa system and even more so with the Sacoa installation and how easy it was to use. Their team helped us through the entire process of installation and training and the system has turned out to be just we needed both from an operational and guest stand point".

Merchid Mohamed Owner of Al Dorra Park Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

"The service and support provided by the Sacoa team has far exceeded our expectations with quick responsive software updates, caring respectful personnel and innovative hardware. The system offers us an absolutely new dimension of customer data management, operating and sales tools. The Sacoa Card System has been developed by a operating experienced company and we highly appreciate that. Choosing Sacoa was one of my best decisions ever".

Shalini Vij, Director Hang Out, New Delhi, India.

"Hang Out is very satisfied with the service and the system. Sacoa was one of our best decisions".

Jorge Luis Lopez, Manager for Development of Grupo Multimedios, Mexico.

“Thanks to the efficiency, security and flexibility afforded by the Playcard System, we have achieved in Diversia a level of control over the business which gives us and unmatched competitive advantage”.

Joao Pimentel, GM of Sonae Group, Portugal.

"At Partnergiro (Portugal's largest FEC operator) we have adopted the PlayCard System at all our locations. It's a peerless working tool with a myriad marketing and auditing features. Furthermore it makes for a better playing experience for our customers. The system is extremely reliable: In seven years operation we've never had to suspend operations at any of our FECs."

Franki Katalbas, General Manager of GameWizzz, Kuwait.

“For almost 8 years in operation, Sacoa System, their people and maintenance support are still dependable. “ It’s worth doing business with Sacoa.”

Suleiman F. AL-Abdullah, General Manager of Toon City, Jeddah.

“We feel SACOA System is very efficient to our operation, providing lot of details to plan our operation and organize our events also. I found Mr. Jorge and his sons not a System provider but an associate in our success providing a smooth & easy System.”

Yaron Cohen, General Manager of Fantasy Park, Poland.

“Since December 2001 we are using the Play Card system. We're very satisfied having a great marketing and control abilities. In the last three years, the number of the system obstacles aimed to zero. The support of sacoa crew is amazing, very quick and perfect. Fantasy Park will open another 8 branches of Amusement Parks in Eastern Europe, I'm planning to have the Play Card system on each one. I can't imagine my branches without such a useful system.”

Toni Fornés, COO of Eleval Group, Spain.

"The implementation of the PlayCard System at our Benidorm FEC in August 2001 resulted in a 10% increase in forecasted revenue. This offset a substantial part of the debit card system installation. A further 30% of the total cost was offset by the elimination of the cash float."

Matt Hodge, General Manager of The Beach House, Adelaide, Australia.

“We wanted a debit card system capable of handling everything from waterslides to rides and video games in both pay-as-you-go, passport modalities also needed our food and beverage fully integrated in our new venture. Only Sacoa System could offer a complete system solution, efficiently and securely integrated in a cost effective manner. It has proven to be extremel reliable and easy to operate. Support and technical back-up is exceptional and coupled with numerous marketing and audit procedures the entire 'Sacoa experience' has certainly exceeded our expectations”.

Levent Baloglu, CEO of Balo Tur LTD, Turkey.

"We are Turkey's major FEC operator and the main distributor of the famous brands in the arcade sector. As we converted token to Sacoa Play Card System, our income from the FEC's increased significantly. The system was so flexible that allowed us different kind of promotions and campains. This helped us a lot with customer loyality. Because of the great satisfaction and realistic benefits of the system, we introduced Sacoa to our existing clients. Incredible feedbacks about their increase in turnover! With Sacoa we have only confident customers. Once you choose Sacoa your business is in secure hands, they provide fast and effective technical support 24/7".

Francesco Ferrari, Owner of Playcenter, Italy.

"The introduction of the PlayCard System at the Playcenter Family Entertainment Center has changed the whole concept of arcade gaming. Our customers have adopted enthusiastically this new system from the very beginning. We are convinced the PlayCard System will push us to the front position this year, allowing us to implement policies and promotions which the public will find thrilling. The new system reminds our customers that Playcenter has something new to offer every day!"

David Silverman, Founder and Executive Director of National Pinball Museum, USA.

"We have been absolutely thrilled with the SACOA PlayCard system! Absolutely made the right choice in going with SACOA, it is the one thing around here that works exactly like it?s supposed to. The system that is not only reliable, but is also is extremely user-friendly: We were able to train our cashiers on front-end POS operations in a matter of minutes and the back-of-the-house/administrative functions are just as easy to learn and operate. As with the opening of any new facility, we have run into a few glitches but they have all been as a result of our errors and/or delays. The technical and customer service team at SACOA have been angels in navigating us through every problem. I know that Adrian personally worked late a couple of days to help us with some stubborn issues. One of the concerns in our selection process was the fact that SACOA is based in Argentina. But except for the screen that lists your address, one would never know your staff isn?t just down the street. Response times have been incredibly fast, and again, everyone has been extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful! When we considered the size of some of your other customers, we were a little concerned that we were ?too small? for SACOA and would be lost in the mix. But, we have felt like your most important and valued customer from day one. I would highly recommend SACOA to anyone in the market for a PlayCard system!!".

Ivan Canute Martis, It Head of Galaxy Entertainment Corporation Ltd, India.

"We have installed Sacoa Playcard system in over 20 stores across India and it has been a wonderful experience. The wireless hardware is trouble free and it gives great flexibility in movement of the machines within store. The software is also very flexible and we have run a lot of exciting promotions using this. The system is fool proof and it gives a great control in managing the stores at remote locations. The support has been very good from Sacoa backend and they have done lot of customization in the software and reports as per our need".

Radwan H. Hejazi, Operation Manager FEC Majed Al Futtaim Group of Companies, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

"We installed the PlayCard system, and have had no problems at all. The system is tremendous, in terms of flexibility, management control, and security. I am confident it is contributing positively to our sales. I doubt we will wait to finish the evaluation period before we start installation in our other stores, and it is certainly going in to our new projects".

Sheraton Yee YFG Investments, Inc The Fun Zone, Barranquilla, Colombia

"As a first time user, we shopped all the brands and took the leap of faith based on the conversation with Sebastian. Sacoa's claim of customer service did not disappoint. They held our hands through the installation process and stayed with us as we opened for business. The training gave my team the confidence to operate efficiently afterwards. The system is easy to use and gives me the accounting reports and security measures that I require as an international owner/operator. I would highly recommend Sacoa to anyone looking to improve their operations."

Sacoa Sacoa Sacoa

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