Sacoa Playcard off to a good start in the US!

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January 10, 2011

Sacoa has started the New Year with the right foot, deploying its wireless system in the ninth location of America's Incredible Pizza Company that has chosen the Playcard System. AIPC is switching over 100 playing positions of the store they recently acquired in Springfield, IL, from a competitor system to Sacoa's Color Shot readers. While Sacoa's POS Stations and Kiosks take care of sales, redemption games have been configured to dispense e-tickets and Sacoa's exclusive Inventory and Control System manages redemption operations and inventory.

Sacoa is also being used by Gatti Town for their El Paso location, which besides operating the games through the wireless Playcard System, also features Sacoa Kiosks and POS Stations as well as Sacoa's Redemption Management system.

Funtrackers, in Corpus Christi, TX, scheduled to open on January 25th, also chose Playcard's wireless system to operate over 70 playing positions and rides, including three Go Kart courses, a Mini Golf, Bumper Boats and Bumper Cars. The location will use Sacoa's Color Shot readers and redemption games will be configured with E-tickets.

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