Sacoa eyes potential in Asia

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June 01, 2013

SACOA’S Sebastian Mochkovsky reported identifying “huge potential” in the Asian market while at the Asia Attractions Expo in Singapore last month? Sacoa presented its Color Shot HD readers at the event, along with its online party booking and online sales modules, and the rest of its software portfolio. Mochkovsky praised the organisation of the show and noted that visitors from Australia, India, Malaysia and Singapore were attendance.

“The portion of the market we focus on was not massive at this show, but we had some very good leads visit the booth with huge potential options in the near future,” he said.

The company’s HD readers “were the hit again,” he said, adding that the major operators the company met with focused on its high-end options, which suggests that the market offers “better potential” in terms of spending than some other regions in the world.

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