IAAPA show's 'quality traffic'

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September 21, 2022

As the IAAPA Europe show ended at the ExCeL venue in London, UK, last week, exhibitor Sacoa concluded that it had been "three days of quality traffic."
Sacoa said that there had been quality traffic at IAAPA Europe
The company said that it had hosted visitors from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, all seeking the cashless solution.

“We had seven members of our team there, but sometimes it was not enough," said Sebastian Mochkovsky.

"This year we were working with Sega and the partnership operated flawlessly with nothing but positive feedback," he continued. "The show kept the pandemic very much in the past and we found that everyone at the show as looking forwards.”

The photograph shows, left to right: Gustavo Vitoria, Sebastian Mochkovsky, Jorge Mochkovsky, Andrea Tocci, Marcelo Fernandes Barrios, Pol Mochkovsky and Cesar Pampin.

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